gr_record_draw(record, line_width, line_col, line_alpha, bullets_rad, bullets_col, bullets_alpha);
Argument name Type Description
record Record The record you want to draw
line_width real The line width
line_col color The line color
line_alpha real The line alpha
bullets_rad real The radius of each bullet (vertex point)
bullets_col color The color of each bullet (vertex point)
bullets_alpha real The alpha of each bullet (vertex point)

Returns: (nothing) Nothing


Draws a gesture record on the screen. You can choose your own line width, color and alpha. Also, you can choose a radius, color and alpha to draw a circle or bullet in each vertex of the recorded gesture. This is a very simple code to draw the gesture, if you need a more advanced drawing, you can use the functions gr_record_get_point to iterate over the points of the recording and draw it yourself.