gr_record_recognize(record, [async]);
Argument name Type Description
record Record The record object to recognize
async boolean If true, the recognition will be made asynchronous

Returns: (Recognition) The recognition result object


Recognize the current record and return a Recognition result object. You must use the ´gr_recognition_*´ functions to get the available information about the result. The recognition process is made synchornously. It means, that if you have A LOT of templates to be recognized, this function can be slow and freeze the game. If notice that your game slows, then you need to use the async mode.

The async mode let you split the recognition process over multiple game frames (steps). To use the async mode, pass true as the second argument. To learn more about the async mode, check gr_recognition_async_process();

NOTE: The algorithm ussed was the $P algorithm. I (Javier "Ciberman" Mora) am not the creator of the $P algorithm. The gesture recognition engine for GMS2 is a rewrite for GMS of the $P algorithm with a lot of useful aditions. The algorithm itself is released under the "New BSD License". Check the script gr_license for more info.

WARNING: the passed record will be affected. So if you want to preserve the original point list, you must duplicate it first.