Create amazing animations with a few lines of code

Tweenline is the fastest and advanced tween based animation engine for Game Maker Studio that allows you to create the most amazing animation sequences for your game in only a few minutes.

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Why Tweenline?

Crazy Fast

Tweenline is 3 times faster than the fastest engine available on the Marketplace and with lot of more features.

Advanced sequencing

Advenced tween sequencing to create amazing intros or cutscenes with only a few lines of code.

Easy and intuitive

tween_to, tween_from and tween_fromto is all you need to remember. Short syntax and easy to learn.

Full playback system

Pause, reverse, seek and timescale any sequence or tween. Create frames or seconds based tweens with delta_time support.

Memory Management

Fire and forget system, Garbage Collector and advanced debug functions let you have total control over your tweens.

3 different event systems

Choose from three event systems: scripts callbacks, event user or lazy events. Start, Complete, Repeat, Update and more events!

Animate anything

Choose from 22 built in setters or use your owns! Contains 35 fully optimized Easing equations to create amazing animations.

Tweenline Labels system

Advanced label system to reference relative time positions with names.

Full one-line interactive example

tween_to(obj_box, 1.2, ["x",600, "angle",90, "blend",c_red, "yoyo",true, "repeat",6, "oncomplete",scr_my_callback]);

This will animate obj_box in 1.2 seconds, from the current position, image_angle and image_blend to x=600, image_angle=90 and blending to a red colour with a smooth transition. This will repeat forward and backwards in yoyo mode 6 times , and when finish it will call the callback script.

Syntax: tween_to(target_object, duration, vars_array);

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Powerful, Fast and Amazing

  • Create complex animation sequences with one line of code
  • The most advanced and optimized animation engine for GMStudio
  • Play, pause, seek, timescale or reverse any sequence in real time
  • Animate anything: objects, vars, backgrounds, views
  • 250+ functions included, fully documented, interactive examples
  • 3 Event systems, time labels, auto memory management

What do the Game Maker Experts say

"From all the tween engines out there, this one shines through with its ability to define compounded tween sequences which is very useful for intro screens and special effects. You can also define your own easing functions which is very useful"

@icuurd12b42, The Mojo Collective

Fully Documented

Tweenline has a complete online & offline documentation with a lot of interactive examples. Getting started guide. Dedicated support.

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