Argument name Type Description
anim Animation The animation

Returns: (boolean) true if the animation is paused


Gets the animation's paused state which indicates whether or not the animation is currently paused. This does not take into account anscestor timelines. So for example, a tween that is not paused might appear paused if its parent timeline (or any ancenstor timeline) is paused. Pausing an animation doesn't remove it from its parent timeline, but it does cause it not to be factored into the parent timeline's duration/total_duration. When an animation completes, it does NOT alter its paused state.

In most cases, it is easiest to use the anim_pause(anim) function to pause the animation, and anim_resume(anim) to resume it. But to check the current state, you must use the anim_get_paused(anim) method. It can also be useful for toggling like anim_set_paused(anim, !anim_get_paused(anim));

You can set the paused state initially by passing ["paused", true] in the vars parameter.