Lazy events are a way to create use events for your animations (Tweens, and tweenlines) without creating aditional scripts or GameMaker Events. They are easier to read and mantain.

Note: The event must be defined as "lazy" and tween_system_lazy_events(enable) must be enabled to get lazy events to work. (It is enabled by default)


On the create event:

// define a tween and declare the "oncomplete" event as a "lazy" event.
tween = tween_to(id, 2, array("x", x + 200, "oncomplete", "lazy"));

And in the step event:

// when the tween performs the "oncomplete" event
if (tween_oncomplete(tween)) {
//change the sprite colour to red
image_blend = c_red;
//and play a sound of a hit
audio_play_sound( sound_hit, 1, false);

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