anim_set_time(anim, time);
Argument name Type Description
anim Animation The animation
time real The value


Sets the local position of the playhead (essentially the current time), not including any repeats or repeatdelays. If the tween has a non-zero repeat, its time goes back to zero upon repeating even though the totaltime continues forward linearly (or if yoyo is true, the time alternates between moving forward and backward). time never exceeds the duration whereas the totaltime reflects the overall time including any repeats and repeatdelays.

For example, if a tween instance has a duration of 2 and a repeat of 3, totalTime will go from 0 to 8 during the course of the tween (plays once then repeats 3 times, making 4 total cycles) whereas time would go from 0 to 2 a total of 4 times.