Returns: (boolean) True or false, see the description for usage.


Use this script to create a singleton persistent instance. You can find more information about singleton in google. But basically, the singleton pattern, let you have a single instance of an object that is persistent an can be used to control the game. (The singleton pattern is a lot more complex, but I adapted it to be compatible to game maker studio)


  1. call the script at the FIRST LINE OF CODE of the creation event of your obj_control or the instance you want to be a singleton. In this way:
if (singleton()) {exit;}
  1. Place this object in the first room of your game. Now, you don't need to worry for the number of obj_control you have. This script will permits ONLY ONE INSTANCE at time of this object.

Note: This script is used by the Tweenline Engine. Please do not delete it.