tween_from(target_object, duration, vars);
Argument name Type Description
target_object Object | instance | array of objects or instances or mixed Target object whose properties should be affected. The target can be any game maker object. You can also pass an array of objects or instances.
duration real Duration in seconds (or frames if "useframes" true is set in the vars parameter)
vars array The special vars array. For more info about the vars array see the Animation documentation.

Returns: (Tween) The newly created tween instance


Creates a new tween that animates the target_object variables from the specified values (from the current values) and returns its index.

You define the starting values and the current values are used as the destination values which is great for doing things like animating objects onto the screen because you can set them up initially the way you want them to look at the end of the tween and then animate in from elsewhere.

Note: For a complete description of the arguments and the usage mode, please refer to tween_to.