Argument name Type Description
tweenline Tweenline The tweenline to be edited


Sets the tweenline specified marked to be edited. All posterior calls to tweenline_add, tweenline_to, tweenline_from, tweenline_fromto and tweenline_remove will be applied to the specified tweenline.

Note: Unexpected results can ocurr if you modify an already defined tweenline.

Note: You do not need to use this function if you are creating a tweenline for the first time. Please refer to tweenline_create for more info about creating tweenlines.


/// Create event
twenline = tweenline_create();
tweenline_to( ... ); //first define your tweenline as you usually do
tweenline_to( ... );
tweenline_to( ... );

// mouse left click event
tweenline_edit(tweenline); //when you have to edit your tweenline, call tweenline_edit
tweenline_to( ... ); // then, you can alter the existing tweenline
tweenline_add( ... );
tweenline_from( ... );
tweenline_remove( ... );