tweenline_stagger_to(targets_array, duration, vars, stagger, [wave_amount], [position]);
Argument name Type Description
targets_array Array of instances or objects The target instances to tween
duration real The duration in seconds or frames (for frames based tweens)
vars Array The special vars array. For more info about the vars array see the Animation documentation.
stagger real Amount of time to stagger the start time of each tween.
wave_amount integer How many instances will grouped in one "wave"
position string|real The special position parameter. See tweenline_add for more info.

Returns: (Array of Tweens) Array with the tweens that has been created


Tweens an array of targets to a common set of destination values (using the current values as the start values), but staggers their start times by a specified amount of time, creating an evenly-spaced sequence with a surprisingly small amount of code.

The parameter stagger is the amount of time in seconds (or frames if the timeline is frames-based) to stagger the start time of each tween.

The difference between tweenline_stagger_to and tween_stagger_to is that the first adds the tweens to the current tweenline that is in edit mode.

For more info about the edit mode, see tweenline_edit

For more info about the optional position parameter, see tweenline_add

For the optional parameter wave_amount, see tween_stagger_to

Returns an array of the indexes of the tweens that has been created.